Telling Time In Spanish Worksheet

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For numbers practice check out the numbers bundle.

Telling time in spanish worksheet. Practice of new vocab and reading comprehension with writing extension on sheet. This worksheet allows beginning students to practice telling time in spanish. They start by recognizing times written in spanish and progress to writing out time on their own.

Spanish ks3 worksheet telling the time reading and writing ppt available worksheet to accompany the powerpoint that can be found on my resources for free download. The first exercise requires students to complete a guy s itinerary and complete a set of sentences telling time in spanish all about his daily routine. Learn about such specifics as translating numbers and.

So that the translator needs to be aware of the idioms in some sense an excellent translation is one which can be done to the available budget while fulfilling its objective. Time in spanish displaying top 8 worksheets found for time in spanish some of the worksheets for this concept are telling time in spanish supplemental hand out telling time in spanish objectives qu hora es lesson time telling and asking for the time qu horas son asi mv work handouts w o r k s h e e t s. About this quiz worksheet the quiz and worksheet for this lesson will help you review how to tell time in spanish using the minutes 31 59.

Download includes printable worksheet and answer key. A booklet of spanish time worksheets 40 worksheets in one booklet to practice telling the time in spanish. Telling time in spanish worksheets pdf as well as this is a good worksheet for 2nd graders or whatever is a good age only recently it s been translated into spanish.

Students practice telling time in spanish with this bright printable worksheet. Also included in the time bundle product. Time flashcards printable flashcards with clocks showing different times.

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