Telling Time In Maori

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At 8 o clock i am going to town to watch a movie.

Telling time in maori. Search the maori dictionary with the online version of te aka maori english english maori dictionary and index 3. Search results for time. Te taima the time he aha te taima.

Use the face of the clock as a circular number line in telling time counting in māori has very easy patterns to follow and this one is no exception. To me counting in fives and learning the time go hand in hand. Let s learn te reo maori sunday september 18 2011 lesson 22 telling the time on the hour here is how you tell the time on the hour in maori.

Nui atu i te iwa tekau māero te whānui o te ngutuawa o taua awa. With the whakatauki as a centre to your word wall this resource will make a great focal point for any unit about people. Tamariki kei te waa i nga wa katoa hei te wa titoki.

E g rua karaka two o clock kaiako. To ask the time say he aha te tāima here are some examples to help you answer. If i wanted to teach juniors the time i would teach counting from 1 12 in te reo how to say o clock and then how to say the hours.

Contextual translation of telling the time into maori. Human translations with examples. The study of maori history te takanga o te wa meets the.

Hāwhe pāhi i te waru karaka. Here are five examples. To begin with i recap counting from 1 12 in te reo māori.

ā te pō ka moe and resource sheet 3f. He aha te tāima. Aap kon hindi english peppa pig spanish english good habits in punjabi essay english panjabi handa ka na bang mamatay tagalog english viduliya surakimu english sinhala chia seeds english amharic gulab ka phool hindi english.

Ka wai māori tonu atu te moana i te wai o. One o clock tahi karaka two o clock rua karaka three o. Show a digital and.

It s quarter past six. Koata ki te tahi karaka quarter to one. Koata pāhi i te ono karaka.

Examples one o clock kotahi te wa six o clock ono te wa 10 past 2 tekau mai i te rua te wa 20 past 6 rua tekau mai i te ono te wa. Hand out copies of the word list. After learning the o clock the next big step is to use.

These 33 te reo maori words are a great way to introduce the treaty of waitangi. In the previous three lessons we have looked at telling the time on the hour at half past the hour and at quarter past the hour. It s half past eight.

3e telling the time 3e telling the time he aha te wa. What is the time. Have the students create sentences using the time place and activity from the cards they selected for example.

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