Telling Time For 2nd Grade

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Second grade is a very exciting time for students as they refine their skills in reading clocks.

Telling time for 2nd grade. They notice the positions of an hour and minute hands at different times. The collection of hands on and engaging games will help students better understand and master telling time in 5 minute intervals. Grade 2 telling time worksheets including telling time to the whole hour half hour quarter hour and nearest 5 minute and 1 minute intervals.

The kids learn how to calculate hours in grade 1 and then revise it in grade 2. Telling time 2nd grade this telling time collection has been created to meet second grade standards. Is the am or pm alex eats dinner at 5 30.

This is a very important and applicable skill that students will use throughout their life. Second grade is a very exciting time where kids refine their skills in reading clocks telling time and understanding calendars dates and months of the year. It s important for second graders to master time telling skills because these are some of the most relevant and applicable skills they will use throughout life.

Telling time analog clock. Whole hours below are six versions of our grade 2 math worksheet on telling time. All times shown are whole hours 3 o clock 4 o clock etc.

Reading clocks and drawing clock faces units of time elapsed time am and pm calendars days of the week and months of. Would you most likely be getting home from school or sleeping you have special area at 8 55. Students are shown an analog clock and are asked to write down the time.

Is this 5 30 am or pm what time would devin most likely be doing his homework. 1st grade 2nd grade check out our ever growing library of math songs at https www n. Telling time to the nearest half hour and hour grade levels.

Revising telling time to the hour and a half hour. This collection can be downloaded by clicking on the bold link towards the bottom of this post.

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