Telling Time 5 Minute Intervals

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Telling time to the nearest fives on an analog clock.

Telling time 5 minute intervals. Lesson 3 telling time. The hour is the last number on the clock that the hour hand has gone past. 2nd grade 3rd grade check out our ever growing library of math songs at https www numberock.

5 minute intervals past the hour to tell the time in 5 minute intervals. Two slideshows two worksheets created in partnership with. Six seven eight nine ten when you arrive at the number 2 tell your children that 2 represents ten minutes past the hour.

Continue counting around the clock. 5 minute intervals below are six versions of our grade 3 math worksheet on telling time to the nearest 5 minute intervals. Multiply the number that the minute hand is pointing at by 5.

Telling time to the nearest five minutes in this interactive math lesson students will practice telling time in five minute intervals. Telling the time in 5 minute intervals activity sheets clock worksheet o clock half past and quarter past times maths mastery activities year 3 time powerpoint display pack for time telling telling the time half past ks1 clock matching games year 3. In some questions students will be shown an analog clock with a red hour hand and a blue minute hand.

5 minute intervals vocabulary objectives to introduce counting by fives. Students are shown a time on an analog clock faced and asked to write the time in digital form. Telling the time in 5 minute intervals home learning focus learn how to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes.

Telling the time 5 minute intervals past and to the hour. To teach tellling time to the quarter hour discussion. Continue going around the clock stopping at all the five minute intervals and discussing their five minute meanings.

Interactive questions how to read 5 minute intervals to the hour when telling the time on an analogue clock an analogue clock has numbers 1 to 12. A variety of question formats are presented in this math practice activity. The result is the number of minutes past the hour.

Telling time analog clock. To teach telling time to the five minute intervals. What are some important times in your day.

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