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Lesson plans for telling time. Telling time with a clock recognize the attributes of time. Gather your students in front of you and show them the analog clock and ask them why it is used. But it is a skill as real life and essential as addition and subtraction especially in the age of digital clocks.

Half hours lesson 3. 9 steps to a first grade lesson plan for telling time search search the site go math worksheets by grade math tutorials geometry arithmetic pre algebra algebra statistics exponential decay functions resources view more science tech math math. Sixty minutes procedure for day one.

Telling time lesson plans. The gestures in the song are easy and fun your students will enjoy. Telling time on a clock students will use their knowledge of how to tell time to help them read a digital clock.

Used to specify the hour when telling time second. Time telling lessons all lessons contain vocabulary objectives background and links to the corresponding worksheets and games lesson 1. Telling time to the hour the lesson introduces the hour and minute hands.

Members get accompanying worksheet craft sheet song and classroom reader. Lesson plans phrasebooks type of english all level all lesson time all i speak i want to learn british english preview worksheet elementary a1 a2 lesson plan for english teachers telling the time elementary a1 a2. In this lesson students practice asking for and telling the time students practice numbers 1 12 play fun games and activities sing a song read a funny story about clocks and make a clock craft.

This telling time lesson plan for the grouchy ladybug will get your first graders excited about learning to tell time. A small increment of time minute.

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