How To Tell Time With The Sun

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To tell time look at where the hour hand points to in relation to the reference line.

How to tell time with the sun. Time is well important. Each finger represents approximately 15 minutes. But if you would rather use a different instrument to tell the time you can.

Time is still integral to our lives much like it was for the byzantine owner of the mechanical calendar. Basic stuff and usually not. To tell time without a clock start by locating the sun in the sky.

Even though we no longer directly rely on the sun to know the date or tell the time it has been instrumental in defining our temporal systems and in the end. Telling time is especially important as you grow up and become a busy person. Learn how we tell time and read about seasons days nights and hours in this earth and space science lesson.

Each person s finger size varies so for accurate results every time do this at home with a watch to see if you have 10 15 or 20 minute fingers. This article here is for anybody who wants to know how to tell time. Time is of the essence.

Remember each 15 degree movement corresponds with the passing of 1 hour. Now look at the calendar for the date. Then hold your hand out horizontally so the top of it is lined up with the bottom of the sun.

Tell the time by tracking the sun s position you don t have to have been a girl guide or boy scout to know that when the sun is sitting in the centre of the sky it s around noon. Learn how to tell time by the sun with this cool science fair project idea that tracks how the accuracy of a sundial changes over time. And that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Share share on facebook share on twitter share on pinterest share through email share to google. The hands on a clock are based on the sun. How to tell time.

The earth is a sphere and when the sun is exactly at its zenith in berlin for example it takes another 26 minutes for the sun to reach its highest point at cologne around 360 miles west.

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