How To Tell Time For Kids

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Watch this video to learn how to tell the time.

How to tell time for kids. On analog clocks children need to learn what the hour hand means the minute hand means what time of day it is and how much time has passed. The minute hand and the hour hand on an analogue clock tell us what the time is. Kids need to be able to count to 60 in the correct order in order to tell time.

As they write each number have them recite the number as well. Telling time may only take a glance at a watch for adults but it can be a difficult tool for young children to master especially as they re still learning their numbers and developing number sense. 2nd grade 3rd grade check out our ever growing library of math songs at https www numberock.

Usually the best progression for teaching children to tell time is to start in larger increments like start with children only identifying the hour then move to the half hour then the quarter hour and then intervals of 5 minutes. Learning to read a clock requires a combination of memorizing the clock face including all its elements and building the math skills to translate a hand position into a number. Worksheets for learning time.

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