2nd Grade Worksheets Telling Time

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The worksheets below include problems both for telling time from an analog clock and for drawing hands on a clock face.

2nd grade worksheets telling time. Grade 2 telling time worksheets including telling time to the whole hour half hour quarter hour and nearest 5 minute and 1 minute intervals. First grade telling time worksheets first grade telling time worksheets free printable time worksheets for 1st grade 2nd. They align with common core standards for 2nd grade.

See 18 best images of telling time worksheets for first grade. Reading clocks and drawing clock faces units of time elapsed time am and pm calendars days of the week and months of. 2nd grade telling time task cards these task cards are perfect to use in your 2nd grade classroom.

Students are shown an analog clock and are asked to write down the time. Help them help themselves with this telling time worksheet. All times shown are whole hours 3 o clock 4 o clock etc.

In second grade children review about telling time to the whole hour and to the half hour from 1st grade and learn to tell time to the quarter hour and to the five minute intervals. We also cover the concepts of. There are a total of 30 task cards plus 1 blank one to add your own question and each card has a label to show the standard.

Students will need an analog clock to accompany this worksheet. Inspiring telling time worksheets for first grade worksheet images. 2nd grade telling time worksheets lessons and printables telling time math center easier hour hand does not move between numbers minutes shown on clock grades k 1 normal clock just hours shown on clock grades 1 3.

The worksheets begin with whole hours 3 o clock 4o clock etc and progress to half fours quarter hours and 5 and 1 minute intervals. There are actually a wide variety of options which means you can see the one which works best. Telling time worksheets pdf downloads worksheets on clocks and time learn how to read time and understand hours seconds weeks months years and other time units kindergarten 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th grades.

Whole hours below are six versions of our grade 2 math worksheet on telling time. Our grade 2 telling time worksheets help students learn to read a traditional analog clock face.

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